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286 inhabitants (2011), 500 m.a.s.l., located 12 km away from the village with extended administrative rights Třebíč, and 8 km away from Velke Meziříčí. The central building is Hodov chapel, dividing the village into two parts – Above the Chapel and Below the Chapel.


First written mention about the village comes from the year 1349. Until that time Hodov belonged to Tasov domain. In 1349 John of Tasov renounced it in favour of Beneš of Meziříčí. In 1459 the village was banned by the church for not paying tithes. On the local cementary “Kerchůvek” nobody was burried though because that year nobody died.


A chaple from 1818 is the dominant sight of the village. It was built around the statues of st. John of Nepomuk. Already in the year 1817 there is a one-class primary school. In the half of 19th century there are 91 pupils, 50 years later the school had 144 already. The village itself had 535 inhabitants in 83 houses at that time.

In Hodov, there is a grocery shop, and a Czech Post office. House of culture built in 1950 serves various cultural purposes. Hodov was one of the first villages in the region to have quality kept grass football field.


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úterý (letní čas) 19:00 – 20:00
úterý (zimní čas) 18:00 – 19:00
starosta 603 232 070
IČO 00376850
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